Visionary Journeys
Each of the albums, the artworks and visualisations by Japetus
open a doorway, a portal, to experience different levels of consciousness.
The journey is now up to you!

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The Major Arcana of the Tarot
Guided Visualisation

These Tarot cards represent a rich mythology in symbolic-picture form. However, the most important thing is to allow the cards to 'speak' to you directly by triggering archetypal processes in your mind.

The following meditations are really entry paths to these inner symbols. They have a minimal descriptive content since excessive detail impedes the spontaneous aspects of the mythic encounter.

In all cases the meditations should commence with a progressive relaxation.

21 The World
We find ourselves in a field of grass. The wind blows gently and we hear birds whistling in the distance.

We feel at peace with Nature. And now, as we watch in our mind's eye, the cycle of her seasons pass before us - the new birth of Spring, the warmth of Summer, the ripeness and wholeness of Autumn. Nature seems barren in Winter but new life will soon return.

We come to a rugged cliff-face and a doorway opens, allowing us to enter. We pass into the rock and find ourselves in a tunnel. A light is shining at the end of the tunnel, and as we draw closer we see that a beautiful naked woman is dancing... Her dance is the dance of Nature. Element: Earth

20 Judgment
We have come to a new land. Naked people are all around us, and we are naked too. Suddenly the sky is filled with beautiful music and we lift up our hands to the heavens in praise. We feel the music filling our bodies, giving us energy, vitality, life... We rise up into the sky embracing the music, and we know that the gods welcome and protect us. Element: Air

19 The Sun
The Sun is high above us as we come to the foot of a grass mountain. A large, rocky wall halfway up the slope blocks our path. But we know that we have come to a sacred place and we must be pure in heart and spirit before ascending to the peak. Two children - a boy and a girl - now appear before us. They are young and innocent, and as they begin to dance the light of the Sun pours down upon them. Now we feel the sunlight pouring down on us also, giving us energy and filling us with radiance. Element: Fire

18 The Moon
We have come to an ocean shore. Waves lap against the beach and, as we watch, a lobster struggles forth onto land. Now two animals parade before us. One is a shaggy wolf, aggressive and hostile. The other is a domestic dog, friendly and protective. This dog leads us up a path towards a rocky outcrop, and as we come closer we see a fortress in the distance. Now we look up into the sky. A beautiful silver crescent Moon fills the heavens. The Moon showers us with a cascade of silver droplets. Element: Water

17 The Star
High above us in the night-sky a bright golden star and a host of silver ones shower the heavens with their light. A crystalline stream flows through this land and kneeling beside the stream is a beautiful, naked woman.

In her hands she holds two flasks, one made of gold, the other of silver. Now, as she lifts her golden flask high into the sky, a stream of liquid light flows from the golden star into her flask. Bending down, she pours this liquid into the stream. Now she comes across to where we-are, and our heads become open vessels as she pours the precious water into our bodies. We feel it filling us with energy and life. Element: Water

16 The Tower
We have come to a land which is ominous and strange. An ancient stone tower rises up before us and reaches proudly towards the heavens. But now the sky darkens with storm clouds and we hear a crash of thunder. Suddenly the sky fills with fire and a burst of lightning crashes against the tower. Two proud warriors, and the crumbling battlements of the tower, fall to the ground. Element: Fire

15 The Devil
A gaping hole appears in the ground before us and we enter a subterranean cavern. Strange shadows flicker on the wall as we come before a grotesque creature who stands on a pedestal holding a torch.

His head is like a goat and his legs those of an eagle. Batwings extend from his back, and an inverted pentagram is visible on his forehead. A man and a woman stand be,fore him, chained to his pedestal like prisoners. At first the figures are threatening but now they seem ludicrous. We smile to ourselves, and as we do so the energy drains out of these strange beings and they dissolve into dust before our eyes. Element: Earth

14 Death
We come now to a gruesome land where the ground is littered with broken human bodies. In the centre of the carnage we see a frenzied skeleton-creature wielding a scythe and taking his human toil. We feel a sense of dread as the skeleton figure comes towards us, but we surrender ourselves to him knowing that our inner spirit will triumph and only our vanities and deceptions will fall upon the ground. Now we feel the limbs of our bodies falling away in fragments and the real essence of our being is flowing forth, freed from constraint. We journey in the spirit vision towards a river and we see that others have come here too. Now we flow with the river and it carries us along. It purifies us, and we sparkle like flashes of light in the stream. Elements: Earth and Water

13 Temperance
We flow in a crystal river towards the Sun. On the left-hand side of the river it is dark - the very depths of night - while the other shines with the light of new day.

As we flow along the river we come to the land of the Guardian. We see him now, standing astride the river. The Guardian is tall and majestic, his beautiful face ablaze with light. He welcomes us and we have nothing to fear. Beside him, scowling at his feet, is a red lion. The Guardian brings forth a golden flask and bends down to fill it from the stream. Now he pours the waters over the lion and it becomes peaceful. Nearby, a silver eagle whips its wings defiantly in the air. The Guardian brings forth a golden torch and, as we watch, a spark of flame falls down into the eagle's body, filling it with love. Now the Guardian is calling us towards the Sun, and as we draw ever closer we feel the sacred light entering our hearts. Element: Spirit

12 The Hanged Man
We have come to a place where the air is heavy with water droplets and glistens like shining mist.

We see before us the strange figures of a man hanging upside down, his feet supported by a loop of rope. His coat is decorated with crescent moons and his face is aglow with gentle, lunar light.

Now as we look more closely we see that he is upside down because he is a reflection in water. From high above, rays of light descend into his body and radiate into the mist. Element : Water

11 Justice
We enter a royal chamber and come before a goddess seated on a throne. She has love in her heart but her expression is stern and impartial. In her right hand she holds a large sword and in her left. a set of scales. We submit ourselves before her, lowering our gaze. Now she rests her sword upon our heads, but we feel the power of her mercy flowing over us.

Wonderful music rises up, and fills our entire bodies with vibrant energy.

10 The Wheel of Fortune
We have come to a mighty gateway - doorway to the peak of the mystic mountain. On this gateway is a wheel of light which slowly rotates, sending forth pulsing waves of energy. As the wheel turns, different gods come into view upon its rim. We are journeying towards the very heart of the Cosmos. Element: Water

9 The Hermit
The world grows dark and we find ourselves on the side of a mighty mountain. We feel alone, abandoned, desolate . . . But now a guide appears before us to show us the path of ascent. Our guide is an old man with a long gray beard. He wears a flowing cloak and a hood which partly hides his face. In his right hand he holds a wonderful lantern which glows like a radiant star. He leads us slowly up the mountain path, and as we travel with him we feel our bodies gradually merging together. We become one with him and now the light of his lantern shines from deep within our hearts. Elements: Earth and Air

8 Strength
We have come to a grassy plain. The sky shines with radiant yellow light. Before us two figures engage in a struggle; one is a beautiful young maiden dressed in a flowing robe, the other a hostile lion. Unafraid of his strength, the maiden opens the jaws of the lion and sings him a soothing song. The song flows down into his heart and lulls him into a state of peace.

Now she places a wreath of white roses around his neck and the lion falls asleep at her feet. Elements: Fire and Water

7 The Charioteer
We continue our journey across the grassy plain. The sky has changed colour to a majestic blue and drops of crystal dew hang suspended in the air. Once again we enter a world of mist. Now we hear a sound like thunder. We look upwards to the heavens and see a mighty air-borne chariot drawn by winged horses.

The chariot lands nearby and a tall warrior steps forth.

Jewels of light shine from his polished armour as he comes towards us, and he invites us to journey with him through the heavens. We mount his chariot, there is a rumbling of hooves, and we rise up into the sky. Elements: Air and Water

6 The Lovers
We come to a sacred grove high upon the mystic mountain. This is the land of innocence and purity, the land of the first man and the first woman. An abundant garden appears before us, and as we watch, a beautiful naked woman and a beautiful naked man embrace in an act of love. Ethereal, haunting music descends from the sky and the garden tingles with dazzling, vibrant colours. Elements: Earth and Air

5 The Hierophant
As we ascend the mystic mountain we arrive at the Temple of the Sacred Song. Seated before us on a splendid throne is the God of Wisdom. He is awesome to behold. He is the guardian of our secret name. As we bow before him a wonderful song rises up within us and we rejoice. Elements: Earth and Water

4 The Emperor
We ascend still higher upon the mystic mountain. Here the land is ablaze with red light. Volcanoes erupt in the distance and the terrain is barren and unfriendly.

We are grateful when, at last, we come to the temple of the Merciful God. He sits upon a red throne, a red cloak flowing from his shoulders to the ground. He is a majestic ruler and we feel at peace with him for we are his children.

But as we rest awhile we sense that he is sad, for his beloved wife is far distant and his kingdom is without a queen. Elements: Fire and Earth

3 The Empress
We make our way to a mighty forest where regal, luxuriant trees reach towards the heavens. Passing through the forest we come to an abundant field where golden wheat quivers in the air. A stream of clear, pure water flows through the field and as we trace it to its source we find ourselves before a great goddess seated on her throne. Beautiful flowers decorate her cloak and beams of light dance in her hair.

Now as we watch the goddess, her form seems to dissolve before our eyes and she has become the stream itself. And now the stream has become a river, and the river has become a sea and the sea has become an ocean. And all is still. Elements: Earth and Water

2 The High Priestess
Beyond the veil of mist, seated on a watery throne, is the Virgin Goddess. We see her dimly through the haze, and as we draw towards her a shimmering silver light floods over us.

The Goddess looks down upon the scroll of memory which rests unfurled upon her knee and once again, uplifted by beautiful and mysterious music, we hear our secret, inner name. Elements: Water and Spirit

1 The Magician
High upon the mystic mountain we come to the Sacred Temple of the Magician. Before us is a mighty doorway, flanked by columns which seem to sustain the universe. Passing into the temple, we come before the great god. His eyes blaze with lightning, thunder roars in his hair, and as he lifts his right arm above his head the air shudders with a vibrant force that fills the temple. Before us we see each of the elements born from a spinning vortex - Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Then, as he passes his hand above them, they dissolve into Spirit. Elements: Fire, Air and Spirit

0 The Fool
Overwhelmed by the awesome nature of our journey, we come at last to the peak of the mystic mountain. Around us, in all directions, infinite space flows into the distance.

We have never been so alone, but as we contemplate that feeling a wonderful sense of love descends upon us. Once again we hear our secret song inside our hearts. And then that song escapes on a gentle breeze and it just wafts away, dispersing its melody in the vastness of space. And now we are floating . . . floating . . . floating . . .

We see the mountain peak recede in the distance . . . And we are coming home. . . Element: Spirit

Visualisations from the book Music For Inner Space by Nevill Drury ISBN 0907061745

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