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Nevill Drury

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NEVILL DRURY is the author of over forty books and has been published in fifteen languages. His work includes writings on shamanism and the western magical traditions, as well as contemporary art, holistic health and music. Nevill holds a Master of Arts (Honours) degree in anthropology from Macquarie University in Sydney and has worked in the Australian book industry since 1976. A former managing editor for Harper & Row and Doubleday in Australia, he helped found the specialist visual arts publishing company Craftsman House in 1981, which became Australia's leading art book imprint. Nevill worked full-time as publishing director of this company from 1989- January 2000 and also authored several successful books on Australian art including the three-volume Images series. He also co-edited Australian Painting Now, which was published in UK and USA by Thames & Hudson.

After a period of full-time writing Nevill was appointed Manager of Adyar Bookshop in Sydney - Australia's largest metaphysical bookshop. While he is no longer writing on art he continues to specialise in writing on shamanism and the magical traditions. Several of his most recent publications - for example Everyday Magic, Exploring the Labyrinth, Wisdom from the Earth (with Anna Voigt) and The History of Magic in the Modern Age - have been published in the United States and / or the UK as well as in Australia.

Nevill has participated in a number of major transpersonal conferences since 1980 and is well known as a lecturer and for his workshops on magical visualisations and shamanic drumming. In the United States his books have been enthusiastically endorsed by such writers as Michael Harner, Terence McKenna, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Isaac Bonewits, Daniel C.Noel and J.Gordon Melton. He has also been an interviewer / presenter for several programmes on Australian television and recently appeared on 'Compass' (ABC-TV) as a spokesperson for the New Spirituality.

Selected Publications :
Books published or co-published in the United States :
The History of Magic in the Modern Age 2000 Carroll & Graf, 2000 Constable 2000 Simon & Schuster Australia

Exploring the Labyrinth : Making Sense of the New Spirituality 1999 Continuum, 1999 Allen & Unwin (Sydney) 1999 Gill & Macmillan / Newleaf

Wisdom from the Earth : the Living Legacy of the Aboriginal Dreamtime (with Anna Voigt) 1998 Shambhala, 1997 Simon & Schuster Australia, 1998 Droemer / Delphi (Germany)

Merlin's Book of Magick and Enchantment 2001 Barnes and Noble, 1997 Lansdowne, 1998 Raincoast, 2002 Edaf *** Shamanism (illustrated edition) 1996 Element

The Elements of Shamanism 1989 Element, 1991 Tirion, 1991 Jouvence, 1994 Karisto Oy, 1994 Edesviz Kiado, 1994 Rebis , 1995 Xenia, 1996 Forum, 1996 Okyanus , 1997 Floros ( republished 2000 by Element as New Perspectives : Shamanism )

The Elements of Human Potential 1989 Element, 1993 Edizione Crisalide, 1994 Xenia, 1995 Zysk, 1996 Votobia

Dictionary of Mysticism and the Occult 1985 Harper & Row, 1988 Droemer Knaur, Republished 1992 as Dictionary of Mysticism and the Esoteric Traditions : ABC Clio, 1992 Prism Press, 1994 Ferenczy Konyvkiado, 2002 Watkins

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