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'The Cursor Of Perhaps'


This graphic image is known to Japetus as 'The Cursor Of Perhaps'. This is a strange name that comes from its reoccurring appearance within the many pages of inspired writings and drawings given through conscious mental telepathy in the Japetus journals - 100 x 300 page exercise books. It represents the four elements all working together as a whole, held in orbit around the central seed of infinite spirit, actively being made manifest as it streams down into the world atmosphere.

It represents the four quadrants, the four directions, north, south, east and west, the four spheres of experience, the four dimensions, all sourced from the inner world of being, with infinity at its core, radiating out into the world of being.

The logo is also a 'rent in the fabric' of time/space - a portal torn open by the forces of creation to bring forth infinity into the realms of the four elemental dimensions.

It is called a 'Cursor' because, like a computer cursor, it tends to appear as a precursor or icon 'doodle' that indicates the imminent presence of inspired writings, guidance or pictures by Japetus. The 'Perhaps' is representative of the infinite possibilities accessible to us when we open up to the multitude of ideas and elements available and ready to be synthesised into creative forms from higher realms. The 'perhaps' stems partly from a favourite phrase found in the writings of Alice A. Bailey when describing the process of invocation - 'acting as if' - which consciously taps into the intuitive inspiration constantly flowing from 'the heavens'.

It also looks a little like something from early radio broadcasting...

...and even a bit like an old fashioned, hand-made, lo-tech radio antenna... again invoking the concept of broadcasting/receiving/transmitting...

...and there is a resemblance to a kite as well (often the symbol for soul "Primitive peoples attached religious meanings to kites. They viewed them as symbols of an external soul; as things closely connected with gods and heroes. They also felt that they were a means of contacting the heavenly regions"), especially when you look at the second sketch by Japetus at the bottom of this page with the 'energy tail' streaming down. The ribbon tied in bows in the tail look a bit like the chakras in the body... tagging along after the soul... stabilising it in flight.

It is interesting where the symbolic shape shows up... this is looking up at the inside roof of the tower in Pershore Abbey in Horseshoed, England. Obviously a symbol for the gateway to the heavens.... or from which spirit and inspiration flows.

"The Diamond Symbol meaning from a Native American Indian perspective includes several aspects. The diamond motif is seen in butterfly symbolism, where it represents the concept of transformation and immortality. The diamond symbol is also seen from the Osage as a representation of the earth. It will have an equidistant cross in the centre indicating the importance of the four cardinal winds/directions."

It was an invocative tool meaning "higher powers are present". Stanley Kubrick used this symbol in the movie 2001: A Space Odessey as the only represenation of aliens. Double sided tetrahedrons. Flying in formation. Guides through hyperspace.

The Cursor of Perhaps originally appeared in its raw form as a pen-line graphic by Japetus looking more like these scans below... lifted directly from the Japetus journals.

...and this is a drawing of the Cursor with a bit more development and the radiation pattern around it that went on to become the design for the final logo. You can see the natural shape of spherical radiation when it becomes manifest - it becomes elongated into a heart shape, with a tail streaming down into beingness. So what you symbolically see here is the soul-self surrounded by radiation becoming love.. made.. manifest.


Here is a variation I found called the 'Pre-cursor of Perhaps' because this symbol appears when inspired creativity is present.

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